Kauai The Garden Island

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We have added some of our most Frequently Asked Questions to this page. If you have any questions about Pono Kai Resort, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.  We will try to respond to your questions promptly.

Q: How can I rent at your resort?
A:For rental information, please call 1-808-822-9831.

Q: What are some of the “less busy” months at your Resort?
A: February, March, April May, September, October and early November.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Freedom Plus program?
A: As an owner, you can carryover your week for next year use.  There is no charge if you call before March 30, a $35.00 charge from April through June.  Deadline for deposit is June 30.

Q: How is the weather in Hawaii?
A: For weather and island information, please go towww.kauaivisitorsbureau.com.

Q: How far is the Resort from the airport?
A: It is 8 miles going east from the airport.  For directions, please go to www.ponokai.com and go to the Location/Maps section.

Q: Can you send us a map of the property?
A: For Pono Kai Resort information, please go to www.ponokai.com and go to the Location/Maps section.

Q: Should I pre book island activities?
A: For activities reservations and information, please call 808/822-7755.

Q: How soon can I make a reservation?
A: As an owner, you have 12 months booking window.

Q: How can I request an oceanfront unit?
A: Only deeded owners at the Pono Kai who confirmed their reservations through Pohaku Resort Management have the option to request specific unit numbers or unit views. An attempt will be made to honor the owner’s request, however, the resort reserves the right to modify the assigned unit when necessary. Owners and Guests with reservations confirmed through an Exchange Company do not have the option to request a specific unit number or view.  The Pono Kai Resort will only guarantee the unit size for  these  reservations.