Kapa'a Kauai - The Garden Island

An Overview of AOAO

AOAO is the “master” association at the Pono Kai. Within the AOAO there are 74 wholly owned units/apartments (multiple units in buildings A-J). These units are not timeshare. An individual or organization owns each unit in the AOAO. Most of the units are utilized as second homes or vacation rental property. There is also a commercial unit, located near the lobby (where IVC is providing activity services). The AOAO is responsible for all building exteriors and the common areas (pool, tennis courts, lobby, walkways, landscaping, etc.) The 74 wholly owned units in the AOAO represent 32.9627% of the total ownership.

A portion of the fees that you pay to your association is paid to the AOAO. Every owner at the resort (including PKIOA and PFTSOA owners) is a member of the AOAO.

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