COVID-19 Update

Travelers from the US and its territories who have been fully vaccinated in the United States may bypass quarantine WITHOUT a pre-travel Covid test.  The vaccination record document must be uploaded to Safe Travels.

Travelers wishing to use the pre-travel test to bypass quarantine must have a negative test result from a test taken from a Trusted Testing and Travel Partner no more than 72 hours BEFORE beginning the final leg of their trip.  The negative test result must be uploaded to Safe Travels.

Guest must create a Safe Travels account by going to State of Hawaii – Safe Travels

Trusted partners can be found by visiting the following site:

Travel Partners – Hawai‘i DOH: Info & Resources for Managing COVID-19 (

The vaccination record or negative test results must be uploaded into the Safe Travels Ap prior to arrival. You must have your QR code prior to arrival in Kauai. If you do not have this, you will be forced to quarantine for 10 days or the length of your stay, whichever is shorter.

New Transportation Options for Kauai

As a result of the pandemic, the island of Kauai has suffered a shortage of rental cars.  The County of Kauai has launched a new website to inform visitors and residents of transportation options on Kauai.  The goal of the website is to serve as a resource to connect travelers with transportation options, such as airport shuttles, ride-shares and bike rentals.  Check out the website at:


We are pleased to announce that Marilyn Solatre has accepted the position of Resort General Manager. Marilyn has been at the resort for 27 years and most recently served as Assistant General Manager. As Marilyn assumes her new responsibilities, Peter Sit has agreed to stay on through Spring to help ensure a smooth transition. Please join us in wishing Peter every happiness in retirement! 

Mahalo, Pono Kai Management Team 


Recently, we’ve had issues at the resort with parties that exceed the unit occupancy maximums and/or unregistered guests using the pool area facilities.  This results in overcrowding of the pool area facilities.  That said, we are working to preserve the usage of these amenities for our owners and registered guests.

Please be advised that all registered owners and guests will be given a wristband upon check-in, following the maximum occupancy limits per unit type:

    • Two-bedroom – maximum of six occupants
    • One-bedroom with loft – maximum of six occupants
    • One-bedroom – maximum of four occupants
    • Two-bedroom with loft – maximum of eight occupants

The loss of a wristband will be the responsibility of each owner and/or their registered guest(s) and they will be charged $50 each time a guest requests a replacement wristband.

Due to the State of Hawaii’s limitations on gatherings (no more than 25 people), reservations are required to use the pool area. 

• Owners and guests who wish to use the pool and spa area must call to request a two-hour timeframe.

• Advance pool reservations may be made no more than seven days in advance and no later than one day in advance by calling 808-822-9831, for phones outside of the resort phone system or by calling extension 510, 511 or 512 from those rooms equipped with resort phones.

• Same day pool usage is based on availability.  Please call the Towel Attendant at 808-635-8571 or walk to the pool area to check with the attendant on duty to determine availability.


It’s been brought to our attention that timeshare scams are once again on the rise.  Specifically, those claiming they can assist with timeshare “exit” and resales.  There are some common red flags to be aware of:

•  Calls or emails claiming they have an “interested buyer” for a timeshare.

•  A company or law firm promises to modify, cancel or transfer an owner’s timeshare for a large upfront fee.

•  A company or law firm requests an upfront fee, or the wire transfer of money for a “service,” “tax” or other “requirement” for the sale or transfer to be completed.

•  Caller claims to be a representative of ARDA or ARDA-ROCARDA/ARDA-ROC does not make unsolicited calls or send emails or communications.

More times than not, these scammers take your money and run.  We have had multiple instances where owners had paid fees to “transfer” their timeshare only to find that they are still the legal owner of record, with no deed transfer taking place.  If an offer sounds too good to be true, it likely is.

For more information and suggestions, go to the American Resort Development Association’s website, and look for CONSUMER ADVISORY, where you’ll find the latest alerts.


The Fitness Room is open from 6:00AM to 8:00 PM daily and only 3 people are permitted in the room at a time.



The Pono Kai resort will continue the major interior unit renovation project in the A & F buildings between July 22, 2022 and November 19, 2022.  The renovation will include new tile floors, with a soundproofing underlayment, new drywall ceiling and a soundproof barrier in the ceilings, fully renovated bathrooms and replacement of all furnishings and appliances.

The rooms to be refurbished include:

A102, A107, F101, F102, F105, F107, F109, F201, F202, F203, F205, F208, F209, F302, F303, F304, F305, F306, F307, F308

We realize that these projects may be an inconvenience to you, but they are necessary.  Please advise your guests of the scheduled projects prior to their arrival at the resort.  Although we do not anticipate any changes, the schedule is subject to change.  We appreciate your patience while this significant and much-needed improvement is made to our resort.

Hawaii Travel Tips

Please click here to download the Hawaii Travel Tips in (.pdf) format.

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